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bondage, dog, drunked, fetish, kneeling, sneakers, trampling, blindfold,
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underwear, gag, shorts, pony, Belting, Sadism, Boots, Fight, Haircut,
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Wrestling, footsex, spank, footfetisch, foot sex, sex
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I myself do not like sex for beginners. I need horny action right where you let the imagination free to current. I like games where I'm the mailman or Pizzaboy and at the end nice spanking with my boy. I walk in and immediately get the command myself kneeling. At first i say no no never, i say it like a little kid and then he say yes you have to do it ... do it and i do .. woow this feeling is not the best! is better to barking like a dog and to be a dog for the last of night. After this game we smoking and be drunked. Its a nice start to make more experiments like this. With my last master its was so great ... we go outside in the woods and
Military gaywargames play with so many different uniforms. Some like this story you can find in my Gay content on my Webside. Groups of boys who play games like this are the Dreams of people much of the World .. like meself ... For example: did I spend the night in a tent without thinking of something bad and then I'll attack ... I will be dragged away and tied up (which is called also Bondage) .. So on the hands and feet ... I scream and scream and the guys pull my stuff out and he sits down with his ass on my face.
So that's the end of my cry. My legs are spread apart and he begins to lick at me .. turn around and spank on my ass. He's been so glowing red swollen so I feel hot pain.Dazu kommt das ich mit einer maske meine gesicht verdeckt habe das es fasst wie in einem sadomaso film aussieht. Ich kann aber deutlich durch die augen schlitze sehen das sich schon der der auf meinem gesicht mit seinem arsch gesessen hat nun den peniz auspackt und mich pissen on my body. Dabei war mein mund frei und aufgehalten das die ganze supper in meinen mund floss. das war so geil das ich das am liebsten jeden tag spielen könnte.
Originally from the English word means, among other Bondage bondage or servitude known within the BDSM scene and practices for restraining or limiting the freedom of movement. The goal is mainly to sexual stimulation, but there are special forms in which the bondage is used for aesthetic or other reasons. The seldom-used expression Vincilagnia (from Latin: vincio - tied with chains and lagneia - Lust) describes the sexual excitability by restrictions or bondage free.
Fetishism (to be called Fetish):

* Worship of certain items in the belief in supernatural properties, see fetishism (religion)
* A form of sexuality that focuses on specific subjects, see Sexual fetishism
* The reversal of a social relationship of people in a relationship of things, see commodity fetishism
Spanking (English) refers to the beating of the clothed or bare buttocks, either with the palm of your hand or with a suitable object. In English the term is originally and continue to apply to schools (in the U.S.) and in the home while raising a family regularly practiced form of corporal punishment, spanking acts colloquially often as a generic term for various on the buttocks executed punishment of species such as Caning, Paddling, switching , Flogging and other synonyms. Derived from it is of spanking as a consensual sexual practice (erotic spanking "spoken). In German-speaking is understood Spanking only the latter, while for the punishment in the upbringing of children, the term "corporal punishment" and a number of slang terms such as "spanking", etc. are in use.
BDSM is the commonly used today in the scientific literature collective term for a group of related sexual preferences, which are fuzzier than sadomasochism or often referred to as SM and Sado-Maso.

The concept of BDSM, which consists of the first letters of the Sadism names Bondage & Discipline composed, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism describes a very diverse group of mostly sexual behaviors, inter alia, with dominance and submission, playful punishment and pleasure or pain Fesselungsspielen in connection can be. Other possible names for BDSM, for example, Kinky Sex or Ledersex.

The foot (Latin pes Latinized From the AltGr. Πούς ποδός genitive) is the lowest part of the leg. The structure of the human foot and hand are variations of the same five-finger free anatomy, which is created in many other vertebrates. As an adaptation to walking upright has the human foot on a high anatomical and functional complexity.

An army is a standing under a unified Military Uniform management of large bodies of troops of Army forces, whose size and composition can be very different. Armies are often used for a particular purpose, or war scene of several corps and army troops (the Army High Command formed directly subordinated units and units Military Uniform).

Tickling describes the attempt to create the body by lightly touching a reflex in the form of involuntary laughter, crying or convulsions. On the so-called tickle most people react in the manner described, and some animals by twitching or lute. Differences are Knismesis, gentle tickling, such as by a spring or by caressing and Gargalesis, a massive, often almost painful itch attack, in which a selective pressure on sensitive parts of the body. [1]

In its metaphorical sense, one speaks of titillation, if one of a thing especially is excited, exciting example of a thrill in thriller Tickling .

In Sex (English for the Latin term sexus, dog, drunked, sneakers, trampling, blindfold,
boxing, collar, dog, sock,
underwear, gag, shorts, pony, German: Gender) is the practical exercise of sexuality. In general usage, sex sexual acts between two or more sexual partners, especially the sex and similar sexual practices, in rare cases, the masturbation.

Sex fulfills many functions: It satisfies the Tickling, Waxing, libido, is in the form of sexual intercourse and reproduction of the press in general as a foot spank, sitting, Mask, spank, sitting, major form of social interaction, feelings of tenderness, affection and love. Especially Jocks, Mask, Nettle, in romantic relationships, the sex life of a central role to play as an expression of solidarity with the partners. However, it is not linked spanking, kneeling, exclusively to romantic relationships or partner relationship.

Sexual contact with animals is usually called mating. In general, it is there purely instinctive behavior, which only serves to reproduce.
drunked, Military, Uniform, bondage, fetish, For a number of species, such as the dolphins and bonobos, sex is similar to that in humans also part of social interaction. In humans,
dog, drunked, sneakers, trampling, blindfold, sex is not a pure instinct more behavior, but is subject to conscious decision-making.
Gay is one of homosexual taken over from the English vocabulary. It is as an adjective in the current language of the German-speaking countries are often used synonymously with gay because it is less than a majority but not so directly and clinically or scientifically as Wrestling, footsex, footfetisch, sex, sex "perceived homosexuality." foot, handgag, servant, The meaning of "gay" covers sometimes, but not always, also a lesbian. For example, the English term "gay women" is correct, and terms such as "Gay Pride" and "gay people" refer not only to gays but also to lesbians.
The word boy is now used nationwide as word form. Boy is free out of date than other languages form in the dialects show the two forms of words boy and girl a clear division in the north of the line of Belting, Sadism, Boots, Fight, Haircut,
Speyer, boys will be spoken ', south of it, however, of, boys'. Only occasionally, especially in the Rhine-Main area, one also finds that originates from the Latin boy (s) in the general meaning for boys and young men. Guys is only one island on the Alb, Baden, and in the Thuringian Upper Saxon dialect in the home, boy was found only on one island Pomeranian - more words are hess.; fries.erscheint also Drenger and oberfränk. Gung and Boss. [1] [2] pin means today rather an apprentice in an office job.
bondage, dog, drunked, fetish, kneeling, sneakers, trampling, blindfold, foot, handgag, servant, sitting, boxing, collar, dog, sock, spanking, underwear, gag, shorts, pony, Belting, sadomaso, Boots, Fight, Haircut, Jocks, Kneeling, Mask, Military, Nettle, Tickling, Uniform, Waxing, Wrestling, footsex, spank, footfetisch, foot sex, sex
How fucking many metaphors for sexual intercourse is now (used by men and women), although as vulgar, but not necessarily a bad word in the occupied personal use.

In addition, the word is also used when a particular intensity is to be emphasized:

    * "To be fucked by someone" can mean:
          o "being caught by someone"
          o "being beaten up by someone"
          o "be punished by someone"
          o "to be cheated by someone"
          o have "played by someone a nasty prank or short-changed to be (fucked, 'are)"
          o "be defeated by anyone" ("I fucked you" - "I have defeated you")
          o be flayed in the military: "from an instructor by a particularly strenuous physical activity"

          and fuck corresponding meanings for the active version "someone" or "fucked."

    * The phrase "Fuck you (but) in the foot" means something like: "Do what you want" or "Behave yourself you" (cf. masturbation).
    * Fuck is furthermore often used in connection with swear words to express anger and resentment against a person.

The use and acceptance as well as the other, the taboo of the word are very different and depend on the culture or subculture and the temporal and geographical classification.

For example, the use of the English translation is fuck in the Anglo-American language in the spoken language much more widespread than fuck in the German language, on the other hand there is the word in almost free all media strong taboo. The use of a curse word you can fuck in the German best be compared with the use of the curse "shit".

The English word fuck as a curse word is increasingly used in the German language. Similarly, there will be in English as an adjective term used fucking increasingly in the often incorrectly translated form fucking used in everyday German (about Get out of my fucking car! = Get out of my fucking car! Instead of climbing the fuck / you please out of my car out!)

The term spanking was in the  due to the fact that the German language is missing a corresponding term on the Usenet and the World Wide Web very quickly moving into the German language and the followers of this sexual practice. Also, the corresponding English verb to spank is Germanized occasionally in colloquial language of the subculture used ("I want to be sometimes spanked again") and other terms of the scene as Spanko (short for Spankophiler or spanking fetishist), Spanker and Spankee.

For more severe forms of spanking in BDSM, the term is used flagellation.

In adult partners playful spanking in intimate situations has an erotic, sexual function.

Depending on intent, planning, and intensity of these activities (petting, blows in the sexual intercourse, education game) you can here by a rather erotic game or talk about a BDSM category, especially of sadomasochism. Nevertheless, many feel their passion for spanking as something independent, which has the classic sadomasochism little in common.

The Spanking may vary according to individual preference with the hand, with a cane, a whip, a birch, carpet beater, hairbrush, paddle, Martinet, Tawse, or a variety of other instruments.

Erotic spanking can be practiced widely. They range from gentle petting slaps on educational games up to the heavy punishment with bondage (Bondage). also simultaneous and reciprocal - - also popular is pinching ("squeezing") into the buttocks of the partner that is also of exhibitionistic sense, like for a walking tour can be run.

No matter how erotic spanking is practiced, the principle of absolute security, reason, and consensual ("Safe, Sane, Consensual") is under general consensus is the foundation for an erotic spanking, there are beatings, like all stimuli is not accepted, and only reluctantly that trigger when

* The intention is not clear, particularly where the blows (slaps) carried out "by accident" because someone has just bent over to pick something up,
* where they are, which one is not erotic may be contacted by a person
* They are made in a manner suggesting that the spanker is uncontrolled and thinks more of himself than of the defeated, the Spankee.

Consensus, however, always be taken for granted when the Spanking bends alone (without bondage). The voluntary "sporting stooping" (touch toes), then the controlled, safe hitting the Spankers guaranteed to sexually relevant area of the buttocks. Proposals will be prepared so that the (the) Spankee the erotic nature and the sensual pleasure of the senses Spankers. On the smooth muscles around the anus they are, even when executed with power, just as "comfortable drawing" felt, not really "painful, hurt doing" as long as the Spankee wants to be beaten. Intense physical reactions (twitch and squeal ") does not necessarily prove that the Spank uncomfortable - as long as he retains his position voluntarily.

In addition, the use of a safe word agreed. This gives the Spankee the possibility "in role" in vain for an end to "punishment" to beg to be able to stop control is really needed but the game at any time.

Well-known personalities with a sexual predilection for spanking (possibly even a spanking fetish), the -philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau count  and Algernon Swinburne, the English poet Tags abduct asian beat blindfolded bondage boots bound Boys candle-wax clamps dirty escape face-slapped force-him fucked gag-and-choke house-slave humiliated joking knees leather leather-whip male mask metal-clamp overwhelmed piss pliers pressed ransom rubber simulate-drown sm spanked spits squeeze stomach strangulating strip suck suspended tape tied tortures used